Chemical and Sensorial analysis - Certifications details

The Farm is regulated by CCPB - inspection and certification body for agrifood and “no food” products, formerly IMC "Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione". Authorization code: BU21. Certification Documentary Evidence can be downloaded here.

Chemical and Sensorial analysis of the current harvest can be found here.

L'Olio di Colonna - A Certified and Regulated Product

The Certification: a matter of importance

Consumers can be sure a product is "organic" only when the UE leaf shaped logo is present on the packaging.
Since 2012, this logo has to be printed on every organic food or beverage package. It means that the food manufacturers, and the farmers that provide the ingredients, strictly follow the UE regulations regarding organic foods and beverages.
Both the regulations and the logo aim at developing organic farming inside the European Community, and at protecting the biodiversity of plants and fauna. In the last few years the trend is growing: about 2% of foods and beverages bought inside UE are "organic certified" and about 200,000 farms were validated for organic manufacturing.

Laboratory Tests

As stated in the analysis, L’Olio di Colonna is particularly rich in phenols.
Many studies have shown the antioxidant properties of phenols against LDL cholesterol in vitro. Furthermore, phenols inhibit the formation of thrombi, and promote the synthesis of nitric oxide, a second messenger with vasodilatatory action, that reduces the generation of reactive oxygen species.